You can make everything easier! Don’t miss out on these solutions for the kitchen.

There are millions of ideas about how to store food, get more flavor, and reuse products. It is important that you take into account these cooking tricks that will make your life easier and help you take advantage of everything. You will love them!

1. Cut peppers

It might not be a chore, but it will at least be a lot quicker and easier to cut your peppers if you apply this suggestion.

Cut the bottom off first so the pepper can «stand up» on its own. Then cut the sides, forming a square with the center part. You should have the base on one side, and on the other, four pieces of pepper, one from each side of the square. To finish, it only remains that you get rid of the part in the middle that contains the seeds and that’s it! You can cut the parts into smaller pieces according to the food you are going to make.

2. Chill the wine

The best way to keep your wine cold without having to dilute it is by placing some frozen grapes in the same glass. You will see that it will be very cold and above all, it will retain its delicious flavor.

3. Get more juice

The ideal way to get all the juice from your citrus is very simple. You just have to squeeze the peel a little and roll the fruit on a surface. You will notice that when you squeeze the citrus, you will not waste a drop of its juice.

4. Peel ginger

Put the knife in the drawer and use a spoon to peel the ginger. This method is the most effective, since it removes all the peel without difficulty, even the one that is in the small cracks.

5. Prevents the water from overflowing

Did you know that placing a wooden spoon over the pot prevents the water from overflowing? The spoon absorbs some moisture, and in addition to making contact with it the bubbles burst.

6. Make your honey like new

If you think that when your honey is crystallized you should throw it away, you are wrong! It is a natural process of honey, and it is very easy to recover it. All you have to do is submerge the container in a pot of boiling water for a few minutes. You will have your honey as new again.

7. Preserve the herbs

Tired of having to throw away herbs because they go bad so quickly? Was over! Use the amount you need and the rest cut and store in a tray with olive oil. This way, your herbs frozen in oil will remain perfect so that you can use them again.

8. Cook the fish over lemons

It is difficult to cook fish on the grill, its meat is very tender and it falls apart. That is why I suggest you try cooking the fish over lemons cut in half. It will give it an incredible taste, and above all your fish will come out cooked in one piece.

9. Keep your drinks cold

Don’t just use small, simple ice cubes for your drinks. If you want to keep your lemonade in a chilled pitcher, I suggest you put a lemon wedge and water in muffin tins. You take them to the freezer and you will get some giant ice cubes and they will keep the taste of your lemonade.

10. Recover a very salty soup

Si le echaste demasiada sal a tu sopa y piensas en desecharla, este mecanismo hará que puedas recuperarla. Coloca en la olla de la sopa una patata pelada, y déjala aproximadamente 20 minutos para que absorba la sal.

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