Eggless Bread And Butter Pudding Recipe Designed Effortless

Bread pudding recipe is without doubt one of the most straightforward desserts to help make in a short time and when you ensure it is inside the microwave it’s going to take even less time. When you do not have A lot time at hand, microwave cooking can actually be an enormous assist as you won’t have to wait for ages to finish cooking. Presented down below is an easy bread and butter pudding recipe easy for that microwave. This recipe takes only quarter hour of prep time and 10 minutes of cooking time.

What you may need:

Bread slices two

Butter 2 tablespoons

Brown sugar two tablespoons

Muesli 2 tablespoons

Combined nuts (cashews, pistachios, almonds) Slice in tiny parts one/four cup

Entire cream milk 1 cup

Cream 1 cup

Corn flour four tablespoons

Sugar 5 tablespoons

Vanilla essence one/four teaspoon

Dried raisins two teaspoons


Butter the bread slices on each side.

Minimize the bread in triangles by slicing diagonally.

Take a thoroughly clean microwave evidence glass dish of 7x7x5 inch dimensions and line the buttered bread items at the bottom.

Sprinkle the combined nuts on top of the bread parts.

Sprinkle muesli on the very best.

Inside a thoroughly clean bowl, blend the cream, sugar, vanilla essence and dried raisins.

Increase 3/four cup of milk and whisk very well to dissolve the sugar.

Incorporate the corn flour to your remaining one/4 cup of milk and whisk perfectly.

Pour this mixture from the cream and raisins blend and whisk effectively.

Pour this custard combine from the side of your dish lined with bread and muesli. Don’t pour on the top of the bread.

Allow the bread soak up the custard from The underside.

Sprinkle brown sugar on the highest.

Microwave on higher electrical power for 2 one/two minutes.

Enable the pudding stand for ten 15 minutes just before serving.

My chocolate variation

You will require:

Cooking chocolate 85 grams

Marmalade 2 tablespoons


Microwave the chocolate and marmalade till it melts.

Whisk well.

Pour this mixture on the best of your bread slices right before incorporating muesli.

You may also make a marmalade and chocolate sandwich of the bread triangles and then commence as above.

Sprinkle some cinnamon from the custard ahead of cooking for additional flavors.

Provide with whipped cream and cherries.


You can utilize diverse sorts of breads when generating this recipe including brioche bread, crusty bread croissant and even buns.

If you are making use of An even bigger dish plus more slices of bread then increase the microwave time (you will need about eight minutes for 4 thick slices of bread).

The custard recipe is with no eggs so it is ideal for vegetarian company.