Navajo Corn Soup Or A Oversight Well Worth Having

Everything begun After i was shopping on the web for dehydrated foods by which to stock my survival pantry. I had a lot of the other greens in the food items provide all properly packed inside the quantity 10 storage cans but now needed corn.

Equally as my luck would’ve it, I chanced upon one of the key companies possessing a sale on the precise dimension cans which i was seeking. I procured six from the cans and waited patiently for their arrival. The meals shipment finally arrived and as typical I sat down at the kitchen table and skim the label cautiously.

Considerably to my surprise I found that in place of buying the more acquainted sweet entire corn I had purchased what is named dent corn. Upon research the corn I discovered is was a variety of corn that has the best starch information of any corn. I later on discovered that there are lots of apps for this number of corn for both equally human along with animals. By the way, dent corn is one of the most developed crops in America today. An additional title for dent corn is discipline corn so that it’s differentiated from the same old table corn.

The Indigenous Us residents are classified as the nation’s corn experts as they may have developed the merchandise because prior to the arrival of the European settlers. As such, we can discover quite a few in their recipes which use corn as the key component. Through the “Indian Pow Wow’s” you’ll be able to be afforded the chance to try just one of these delicious dishes often called Corn Soup. It is an easy recipe with not many vegetables, some shredded pork and a transparent broth. In the initial recipe you’d probably locate no milk items such as cream or cheese, no seafood or chicken what so at any time. Concluding this information I want to existing to you two versions of this soup. The very first recipe currently being the initial Native American recipe even though the 2nd is t4eh contemporary, up to date Edition. I now give you the Navajo Corn soup recipe.


one slab of salt pork

1 teaspoon of salt

one Crock pot ¾ packed with h2o

2 cups of dried corn

two cups of kidney beans

Start out your soup in a crock pot crammed three/4ths jam packed with drinking water and increase all the above mentioned components quickly. Allow your soup to cook for the entire working day. Rather than the salt pork you could substitute some chopped up pork roast Or maybe bits of pork tenderloin. Let your combination Prepare dinner right up until such time as the meat starts to fall apart. Then pull the meat in the pot and shred it up. Reintroduce the meat into your soup and Permit it Cook dinner for an additional quarter hour or so plus your soup is ready to serve. The original recipe identified as for what is recognized as lye corn or within our fashionable designations hominy.

The fashionable Edition of this soup will be created as follows:


3 cups of dried whole corn

twelve cups of drinking water

1 one/2 pounds of cubed pork or beef

1 diced onion

one minced up garlic clove

1/two teaspoon of oregano

three teaspoons of salt

1/2 teaspoon of black pepper

Start off this modern day Variation by washing the dried corn entirely and soaking it right away. The following working day drain the corn and established it apart for afterwards use. Area the dried corn in a few clean water and boil it in 6 cups of drinking water until finally the kernels are tender which really should be around three one/two hours. Meanwhile brown the meat a little bit and include the garlic and onions to your pan. Sauté with each other till the combo is tender. Drain off any of the excess Body fat and include the pork, oregano, salt, pepper along with the remaining six cups of drinking water. Simmer more than the stove for around 1 hour or until finally such time as being the corn and meat turn into tender.

Numerous hints to remember are the dried corn is typically a more difficult variety then you’ll discover with sweet corn and it is totally suitable to Prepare dinner it in your tension cooker for any duration of 45 minutes at fifteen lb. of tension. This tends to not simply soften the kernels but increase the cooking procedure. Ham hocks can be substituted in place of salt pork should you so motivation.

You and your loved ones will certainly delight in this popular Native American dish when served with some freshly designed Navajo Fry Bread. This recipe also reveals you a highly effective solution to use some of your survival provides inside your lifestyle.

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